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April 7, 2021
A Heavily Injured Person Consulting with an Attorney

Throughout our lives, the risk of suffering a personal injury accident will always be present because our society operates in a quick manner. Additionally, there are several types of injury accidents and they can occur anytime and anywhere without notice. For this reason, we may never be prepared to confront the aftermath of these events. 

When we talk about the “aftermath,” we are referring to any type of physical damage that can impede you from performing your day to day activities. For example, you may not be able to spend time with your family and friends because of the level of pain you could be dealing with.. 

Apart from physical ramifications, personal injury accidents can lead to emotional and financial distress. Usually, these incidents will force you to pay expensive medical bills so that you can correctly recuperate. Furthermore, depending on the severity of your injuries, you will need to miss work in order to recover from your physical damage. 

It is important to understand that personal injury accidents are often caused by someone else’s negligence. In a country with nearly 330 million people, it is likely to encounter reckless individuals who can harm you because of their lack of responsibility. For this reason, it is crucial to be aware of what provoked your accident in the first place. Since these incidents are produced by someone else’s lack of care, you are entitled to receive monetary compensation for your physical, emotional, and financial burdens. 

However, the process of obtaining compensation is not that simple. You will have to formally dispute against the insurance representatives of the company or the party at fault. . In addition, you will be required to file paperwork filled with complex verbiage. The issue though, is that venturing into this legal dispute on your own is a virtual defeat. To avoid failure,, you will need to hire the best accident attorney in the nation. 

Personal injury accident lawyers are highly-trained professionals who can offer you their expertise. Throughout this detailed account, we will discuss the most common injury accidents in the United States as well as the benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney. 

  Most Common Personal Injury Accidents in the United States

  • Auto accidents are the most common incidents in the United States. These can lead to irreversible damages and death. Each year, thousands of individuals lose their lives in road traffic accidents in our country. Car accidents are usually provoked by speeding, operating vehicles under the influence of alcohol and other substances, running red lights, and distracted driving. If the person who produced the accident was performing one of these actions, this driver will be found liable for your injuries, lost income, damage to your vehicle, and medical bills. 
  • Slip and fall accidents are incidents in where pedestrians trip and fall on someone else’s premises. More specifically, they can occur in public spaces such as restaurants, banks, hotels, and malls.Although the term “slip and fall” refers to a “slip”, this accident encompasses any incident provoked when an individual encounters a hazard within a property. Plaintiffs can suffer fractures and soft tissue injuries that could force them to undergo invasive recovery treatments.Landlords and establishment owners must keep their properties free of potential dangers for all pedestrians, workers, and customers. These dangerous conditions can often be represented as wet floors, poor lighting, cracked sidewalks, broken roofs, objects on stairways, and torn carpeting. 
  • A case of medical malpractice occurs when a hospital or healthcare professional, by an act of negligence, injures a patient during a procedure or medical prescription. Negligence in this scenario may result from mistakes in diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation. Patients are in their right to expect that medical professionals will deliver effective treatments that will help them recover from their pre-existing health conditions. Nonetheless, if the expected standard of care was not executed at the time of the procedure, the institution and medical care professional could be found liable.These personal injury cases may be one of the most difficult to deal with because you as the victim, could result with permanent disabilities and be forced to invest more of their well-earned money in order to recover. 
  • Assault is defined as an intentional act of inflicting fear or physical harm to other individuals. Apart from permanent bodily damage, assault can result in the death of the victim.Most state criminal codes make assault a misdemeanor punishable by fines and up to one year in a county prison. Cases involving death threats or serious bodily harm are categorized as “aggravated assault”.Since these crimes are considered a felony, the defendant could serve a sentence of 10 to 20 years. In civil tort cases, the amount of compensation that the victim is entitled to will be calculated based on the seriousness of the defendant’s conduct.
  • Dog bites may occur in public spaces and private residences. Most dogs have the ability of causing nasty injuries to people such as fractures, damage to nerves, and infections. Laws that determine a dog owner’s liability vary depending on the state that you live in. States can impose the “one-bite” rule or the “Strict liability” rule.The “one-bite” rule determines that if an owner knows that their dog’s breed is dangerous or if the particular dog may bite someone else because of its character, he or she could be held liable for the dog’s first bite.“Strict liability” means that the dog owner will be found liable for the victim’s injuries, regardless of whether the defendant could have prevented the bite. If a strict liability mandate is applied, what the dog owner did or did not know about the dog prior to the bite is irrelevant. 

Steps to Follow When Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

  • The Summons and Complaint: The summons refers to a set of documents that identify the parties involved in the claim and explain to the defendant why they are being sued. On the other hand, the complaint is a formal legal document that pinpoints the legal and factual basis for your claim. Throughout the complaint, you will see a series of paragraphs that explain the court’s jurisdiction to hear the case, identify the theories surrounding your allegations, and state the facts related to your lawsuit. Additionally, you will be required to express your interests, one of them being the amount of monetary compensation that you are seeking.
  • Service of Process: This term refers to the delivery of the legal documents such as summons and complaints. Usually, these documents are personally delivered to the defendant. It is a process that must be completed by them within 30 days. Those documents are to be delivered in that time frame after filing them with the court.
  • Comply With The Statute of Limitations: The statute of limitations establishes the period that plaintiffs are given to file the lawsuit. Every state imposes its statute of limitations. The “clock” starts ticking when your accident occurs or you discover your injuries.
  • The Defendant’s Response: The defendant can respond to your claim by filing a document in where he or she admits or denies your allegations. Usually, they will never admit initial fault.. Furthermore, the defendant can file a motion to dismiss. This is a document that the other party can file when they consider that the plaintiff’s lawsuit is not valid.

  Benefits of Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney

  • Several injury lawyers work on contingency fees. Contingency fees, also known as contingent fees, are payments for the services of a lawyer that are often calculated as a percentage of the recovered damages. 
  • Attending meetings and speaking to your insurer while being injured can be a complete nightmare.With the help of an accident attorney , you will not need to worry about this since your injury lawyer will represent you. 
  • The defendant’s insurance firm may try to undermine your claim or lower the amount of compensation that you are entitled to receive. Negotiating with these companies can be significantly difficult because they will try to save as much money as they can.To achieve that, they will create schemes to persuade you to accept their first offer. However, a qualified accident attorney will know how to counter these dishonesties and properly calculate your compensation. 
  • Injury lawyers can work along with private investigators who can seek and gather the needed evidence in order of strengthening your claim. For example medical reports, street camera footage, and eyewitness testimonies are extremely valuable. 
  • If the defendant is not willing to accept the proposed settlement, a personal injury attorney has the ability to force a trial in order to settle your case. 

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