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Did you know the number of commercial trucking crashes in the United States has increased by 52% since 2009? Death by tractor-trailers, specifically, has spiked in recent years. The most unfortunate fact is that 97% of the deaths, involving 18-wheelers, are comprised of those in the car, vans, etc.

Truck accidents are the most complex accident cases to handle. In contrast to car and bike accidents, truck accidents typically involve a higher number of parties, bigger insurance companies, and larger legal teams. Moreover, personal injuries and trauma tend to be higher in severity.

Despite your pain and suffering, insurance companies, as well as big corporations, do not have your best interest at heart. In fact, their primary goal is to protect themselves as much as possible.

For these reasons & more, our truck accident injury lawyers protect you above all else. Pro Accident Lawyers is equipped with the knowledge and ruthlessness needed to successfully handle the complexities of your case and hold every single involved party, accountable. At no cost, contact our truck accident injury attorneys for a free case evaluation. Subsequently, Pro Accident Lawyers will fight tirelessly for your right: you pay no fees unless we win.

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